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Bright C.I.T.Y.

Budget Management

Monitor the use of our city budget to ensure our city operates with a lean financial plan. Dissect and present up-to-date budget plans on a regular basis to ensure all relevant municipal fiscal information is disclosed to you in a timely and transparent manner. Provide you the latest incentive or benefit plans, and tips in helping you save your money.

市府預算管理 – 監察市府的財政運作,確保市府開支用得其所。定期公佈並剖析最新的財政預算案及其各項細節,增加市府財政運作的透明度。更會為你講解市府最新的優惠計劃和省錢提示,讓你可以節省更多開支。

Community & Road Safety

Look into implementing special measures to tackle speeding and dangerous drivers to protect pedestrians and children. Establish new and improve established neighborhood watchdogs to help monitor our community so to ensure a safe and harmonized living environment is maintained. Coordinate with York Regional Police to increase patrols and regularly inform and update our community members on current criminal activities that residents should be aware of.

社區及道路安全 – 加設交通設施及路標打擊危險駕駛及超速等問題,保障過馬路兒童及單車使用者的安全建立並加强現有的鄰里守望群組,確保我們有一個安全與和諧的居住環境。與約克區警察合作,爭取加强巡邏,並定期發佈及更新社區裏面出現的犯罪活動,好讓居民安心。

Increase Recreational & Green Spaces

Allocate more public space for recreational, educational and leisure usage to cope with our latest demographic dynamics and population growth needs. Initiate multidisciplinary programs for our newcomers to participate and help them to blend in with our community. Create more walking trails, parks and green spaces for families to enjoy. Committed to reduce our carbon footprints. Discuss the opportunity to increase bike racks supply in the community and build more charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) in our community.

增加文娛康樂設施及綠化空間 – 增加公共空間,發展文娛、教育、康樂用地,以迎合最新的人口分佈及增長需求。設立多元化項目讓新移民參與,幫助他們融入社區。增加行山徑、公園及綠化空間讓家庭享受更好的生活環境。盡責任去減少碳足跡。商討加設單車架和充電設施,為我們社區的單車及電動車使用者帶來方便。

Traffic & Public Transit

Look for ways to improve the traffic flow in our city to reduce the occurrence of traffic congestions. Provide more facilities such as bike lanes and signages to aid bikers and personal electric vehicle (PEV) users.  Create more instructional and multilingual signages to direct public transit riders and help everyone commute with ease. Work with public transit authorities to initiate discount and incentive programs for student and senior riders. Create priority waiting area for our seniors and persons with disability so they can get on their rides faster and safer.

交通及公共運輸 – 提高我們的交通流量,改善交通擠塞問題。加設指示牌及多種語言路標,去幫助公共交通工具乘客更容易地乘車。爭取學生及長者乘車優惠,並加設優先等候區域讓我們的長者及傷健人士能夠更安全及快捷地乘車。

Youth Development & Seniors Support

Organize events, competitions, and workshops to help enhance the knowledge and build up career profile of everyone in our community. Coordinate with local businesses to create more voluntary and co-op job opportunities for our youth to take part so to prepare them better for their future job endeavours. Support our seniors with respect and care. Create community events tailored to our elderly individuals and encourage them to join existing seniors organizations operating in Ward 2. We need to make sure our seniors are not marginalized and provide them with a active social life. 

青少年發展、關懷老人生活 開辦活動、比賽、工作坊,讓我們社區每個人都能夠參與,並藉此增進知識及專業技能。協助聯同本地工商業機構,創造更多義工和合作工作職位給青少年參與,讓他們為未來投身社會,作好充份準備。給與長者尊重與關懷:組織專爲老人而設的社區活動,鼓勵他們加入我們二區現有的老人協會。我們必須確保長者不被邊緣化,必須給他們維持活躍的社交生活。

Ritch explains why he chose to be the first to register as a candidate in Markham Ward 2 in his campaign speech on May 5th, 2022.