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Meet your Candidate - Ritch Lau

Ritch 劉肇麟【候選人介紹】


Ritch is a familiar face and a trusted voice to Canadians across the nation for his work as a TV News Anchor at Fairchild TV. As a dedicated journalist for more than 15 years, he covered each election at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. He understands how government policies impact everyone’s lives. He is an experienced communicator and organizer at work. If elected, Ritch will not only bring his skill-sets to the Council, but also persist in the principles of a journalist: Truthfulness, objectivity, fairness, and public accountability.

Ritch may only be 36 years old, but his portfolio in community services has already been recognized and earned him The Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Award this year. His work ethic before being a candidate, how he helped his community in the past few years, especially seniors to get through the pandemic, has proven that Ritch is not a politician who only shows up for votes every four years.

Ritch strongly believes our Council should be non-partisan, independent, and driven by public interests. City Councillors must be free of undue political influence, opportunistic private gains and vested interests in city projects. As a non-partisan candidate, I can exercise independent judgement and truly prioritize the public interests in making every decision. Entrusted by your votes, not only would I protect the interests of regular families and small businesses from big corporations, but also fully commit to creating a better and thriving community for you. It is my promise to shoulder your needs, to hear and be your voice, to see and enact your vision, to stand for the interests of our community, and to build a brighter Markham for us all.


劉肇麟過去超過15年風雨不改堅守傳媒工作者的崗位,是國民熟悉的臉孔和信賴的聲音。他作為新時代電視新聞主播,每日為全國觀衆播報本地及國際新聞外,每屆聯邦、省及市選都負責報道。所以他對三級政府運作有深厚了解,明白到政府政策如何影響民生。 他希望憑著以往工作經驗、溝通和組織能力在萬錦市議會中服務, 並堅守新聞工作者的原則,秉持對公衆負責的初心:凡事客觀、公正、持平。


Ritch 劉肇麟堅決認為我們的市議會必須政黨中立,永遠視居民的訴求為首要事項。市議員必須獨立思考,不受任何聯邦及省政黨的影響或操控,不能在議會中做政黨的傀儡。我決心保護普通家庭和小商戶的利益,不能讓大財團左右議會內的決策權。議員們必須維持高水平的紀律及操守,為不同階層居民及商戶發聲。市議員不能兼顧其他工作或生意,必須全職及全心全意為民衆服務。我們必須為區內所有家庭作出合乎常理的選擇,並爭取每個機會爭取市民權益。最重要的是,我們必須對城市發展有長遠目光,確保居民的生活質素不單是維持現狀而是改善得更好,齊心協力建設萬錦市的璀璨未來。