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DR. KEN NG, Taste of Asia and FCCM Chairman

吳建忠 醫生 亞洲文化美食節 暨 萬錦市加華聯會 主席

"Ritch has demonstrated leadership and tremendous organizing skills as a volunteer & a community leader. Ritch and his family has been long time volunteers for FCCM. He was a great help with organizing and hosting this year's 20th Taste of Asia Festival in Markham. Ritch is a well-known public figure, and he is well-loved by our youth, parents and seniors alike, not only for his passion in community services, but also because of his approachable personality and professionalism. I wish him success getting elected as our Markham City Councillor."


Det. Raymond Miu, Retired Toronto Police Sergeant

"Through working with Ritch in multiple community safety events in the past few years, I saw great passion and abilities in Ritch. I look forward to continue working with him to make Markham safer. I believe our residents can have the peace of mind knowing that Ritch is always actively looking out for us"


MRS. SO, Good Neighbours of York Region Association Founding President

"Our grassroot community members met Ritch at community events. He is such a relatable young gentleman. The way he talks to us, the things he does to make everyone feels welcomed and cared for. Ritch brought warmth and positive energy to our community. We should rally behind this young, energetic young man to become our next City Councillor!"


ALICE P. CHEUNG, President, Buttonville Residents Association
第二區Buttonville 居民協會會長

"From my many years of experiences in the community, I can see Ritch as a crucial part of our city's future. He has already accumulated many social achievements and experiences in community work at only 36 years old, just imagine what he can do for us in the next few decades. Ritch is known for his integrity, trustworthiness, and a candidate that is already well recognized and approved by the community. Ritch is bringing Ward 2 residents together with his relatable personality. I do not see anyone else but Ritch as our next Ward 2 City Councillor."



"Markham Ward 2 needs a councillor that actually lives here, and is honest to the constituents. As a resident, I expect my City Councillor to be independent, and always put residents' interests as top priority. Unlike some other candidates who emphasize on their partisan background, Ritch stands out as an independent candidate who promised to work for all us despite our differences. I believe Ritch is the only candidate that can unite Ward 2 as one family, and that is why I will vote for him. "


DEMI, Markland Markham Community Link President
Markland Neighbourhood Watch Group Administrator

"Ritch helped our Markland community with setting up our Neighbourhood Watch Group. He connected us with York Region Police, and after all these years of effect, we were able to finally complete the application of setting up our Neighbourhood Watch Group. Ritch is helpful and always actively looking to help us. We look forward to have him to be our Ward 2 City Councillor. "

「Ritch為我們Markland社區爭取成立Neighbourhood Watch Group 鄰舍守望群。他幫助了我們聯係上約克區警察,讓我們居民經過多年的努力,終於能夠在疫情之後完成這個任務,讓我們的社區更安全。我們希望未來能夠有一名像Ritch一樣,積極幫助居民、親民的第二區市議員。」

SHARMAN PERERA, Ontario Tech University Professor

"Ritch is a passionate individual who shows a lot of enthusiasm in the integration of environmentally and economically sustainable technologies into our community. He always encourages our community members to learn and take part in the green energy development in our society."


CHRIS BACCHUS, Canadian Actor, Markham Resident

"Ritch and I studied psychology together in University of Toronto at Scarborough. His background in Mental Health Science and his experiences in helping the community with mental health needs will be a unique trait in the City Council. As a mental health advocate myself, I look forward to collaborate with Ritch to organize more community events to help those with mental health needs. "