Future of Buttonville Airport

In a first-of-its-kind pivot for recent development proposals in the GTA, Markham’s Buttonville Airport site, previously proposed as a mixed-use development with lots of residential, is now being proposed as an entirely industrial complex. This shift underscores the rising value of industrial land in the GTA Area, a trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years.


Apple Creek Boulevard Corridor Safety Improvements

In 2020, the City of Markham completed a City-wide traffic safety audit to assess the safety performance of its road network. The audit analyzed intersections and midblock road segments and ranked them based on their collision history and potential for collision due to various risk factors such as the number of lanes, speed (operating vs. posted), transit stops, and road geometry. The audit concluded that the Apple Creek Boulevard corridor ranked high overall in terms of collision performance and risk for all road users.

Following the outcome of the audit, the City of Markham completed a comprehensive safety and operational review of Apple Creek Boulevard. This 2.0 km major collector road has an average annual daily traffic (AADT) volume of 10,000 and connects Woodbine Avenue to the west to Warden Avenue to the east. The posted speed limit is 50 km/h; however, the 85th percentile operating speeds range between 60-76 km/h.

The primary objective of this project was to identify potential safety issues, and provide short and long-term recommendations for potential safety improvements for all road users.

Following completion of the review, it is recommended that a road diet be implemented for Apple Creek Boulevard. A road diet would transition the existing four lanes (two in each direction) to two lanes (one in each direction) with left turn lanes at intersections and driveway accesses.

Current Design:

Proposed Designs:


For more information and leave feedback to the City of Markham, please visit: https://yourvoicemarkham.ca/apple-creek-boulevard-corridor-safety-improvements


710 Markland Street

The currently undeveloped 5.93 ha (14.66 ac) Subject Lands have frontage on Markland Street and
Major Mackenzie Drive East. Lands north of the Subject Lands are vacant, undeveloped and designated for Employment uses. Located to the south, across Major Mackenzie Drive East, are improved with a large format
industrial building. Located to the east include two free standing commercial buildings on a separate
property on the northwest corner of Major Mackenzie Drive East and Markland Street (700 Markland
Street). Located further east, across Markland Street is a multi-tenanted commercial plaza. Located
to the west is the Highway 404.

The Proposed Development includes four multi-unit and one free standing commercial buildings for motor vehicle sales service with the following information (see Figure below)

The Owner proposes the following amendments: 

a) Add “motor vehicle sales and service” as permitted uses under the Major Commercial Zone 

b) Rezone the Open Space Zone portion to the Major Commercial Zone to facilitate the development of a motor vehicle sales and service building as shown on above figure (Building A)

c) Permit a 0 m Landscape Strip adjacent to the future right-of-way for the Highway 404 off-ramp extension for grading purposes

11139 Victoria Square Boulevard & 11251 Woodbine Avenue

The predominantly vacant 11.06 ha (27.33 ac) Subject Lands are divided into three distinct areas (Areas 1, 2, and 3), as shown on Figure below. One single detached dwelling and an accessory structure currently exists on the Subject Lands.

The Proposed Developments includes the proposed easterly extension of Vetmar Avenue through
Area 3, the Hydro Corridor, and into Area 2.

Current Designation: 

Areas 1 and 2: “Future Neighbourhood Area” 

Area 3: “Commercial”

Conceptual Site Plan for Subject Lands:


Areas 1 and 2 of the Subject Lands are located within the Future Urban Area of the Markham 2014 Official Plan (the “2014 Official Plan”) and is subject to the Victoria Glen Secondary Plan (the “VGSP”). 

Area 3 of the Subject Lands is located within the Highway 404 North Secondary Plan (the “HWYSP”). The Proposed Development appears to conform to the VGSP, however the proposed mid-rise residential block within Area 3 does not conform to the HWYSP, and is the only portion of the Subject Lands applicable to the Owner’s proposed Official Plan Amendment. 

The Owner must submit future applications for Site Plan Control, Part Lot Control and Draft Plan of Condominium should the Applications be approved, to permit the Proposed Development and facilitate the standard condominium tenure of the proposed development, as needed for the applicable development blocks, such as the Medium Density Residential Block and the Mixed Use Low Rise Block.

3208 Elgin Mills Road East

The 33.66 ha (83.18 ac) of developable area in the Subject Lands are vacant with the exception of one single detached dwelling. In addition to the Application to permit the Proposed Development, the Owners also submitted a Draft Plan of Subdivision, as shown in Figure to the left.

Current Designation: 

“Residential Low Rise”, “Residential Mid Rise”, “Mixed Use Low Rise” and “Greenway System”. 

Location Map:

The Owners propose to rezone the Subject Lands to “Residential Two-Special (R2-S)”, “Residential Two – Lane Access (R2-LA)”, “Residential Three (R3)”, “Community Amenity Three (CA3)”, “Open Space One (OS1)”, and “Open Space Two (OS2)” in By-law 177-96, and incorporate site-specific development standards including, but not limited to, heights, setbacks, and encroachments

Russell Dawson Road

The 2.4-hectare (5.93-acre) Russell Dawson development project is located at the southwest corner of Woodbine Avenue and Russell Dawson Road. It is set to begin construction in 2023. The project will comprise of townhouses, semi-detached, and detached residential houses.


Victoria Square Boulevard Construction

The Victoria Square Blvd road construction project is making progress. The culvert construction work has been completed, and pending approval, the full reconstruction of Victoria Square Blvd (Phase 1) is expected to begin in August 2023 and be completed by November 2024. Reconstruction plan for Phase 2, which involves Victoria Square Blvd north of Elgin Mills, is set to commence in 2025. 

victoria sq

Circa Phase 3

An application for a high rise mixed-use development that consists of three towers of 20-storeys has been submitted for (Highway 7 East/ Warden Ave)

circa 2