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“You don’t belong here!” Alleged hate crime incident at Walmart parking lot in Richmond Hill. Two victims were Markham Ward 2 Residents.

The alleged hate crime happened on June 20th, 2022 around 9:45pm to 10pm. Chris and his mother was just finished grocery shopping at a Walmart store in Richmond Hill near Major Mackenzie Drive & Bayview Avenue. As described by Chris, a 6 feet tall Caucasian male complained the Chinese family for talking too loud. The verbal argument quickly escalated into physical altercation when the Caucasian male allegedly told the Chinese family, “You don’t belong here.” The two adult men had a 3 minute fight that resulted in both of them needed stitches and left them with minor injuries. York Regional Police has already began investigation and received high definition footage from the parking lot’s security cameras. Chris said the YRP is trying to determine if the attacker’s action is caused by racial hate or not.

事發在6月20日晚上9點45分到10點,在烈治文山Major Mackenzie和Bayview附近的Walmart。華人男子Chris講述昨晚與母親買完東西回到車上途中,給一名白人男子投訴說話聲音太大,最後口頭爭執演變成肢體衝突。 Chris講述自己當時叫白人男子冷靜下來,但對方說了一句 You don’t belong here (你不屬於這裡),之後兩人發生長達3分鐘的搏擊,兩人受傷送院縫針之後並沒有大礙。約克區警方接手調查事件,並已經拿取事發停車場的所有高清攝錄機的視頻。根據Chris的說法,警方正在調查事件,並在判斷該名白人男子是因為仇恨犯罪,還是一時衝動犯罪。

During the physical altercation with the attacker, Chris suffered minor injuries, which left him with some bruises and one stitch on his month at the hospital.

Ritch has begun working on crime prevention long before he registered to run for Markham Ward 2 City Councillor. With more than 15 years of experience as a reporter and news anchor, Ritch has been working closely with the York Regional Police, getting them involved in our local community crime prevention events. Ritch believes it is crucial to get our main stream organizations to recognize Asian hate crime, racism and other problems that minorities face everyday. Ritch noticed that there are bad sheep in the community who maybe trying to divide our community. The right thing to do is to tackle hate crimes together, and keep our community safe as one team, one family.

作為萬錦市第二區市議員候選人,Ritch劉肇麟在疫情期間已經舉辦了防止罪案,打擊犯罪的講座。他作為大家十多年的新聞主播,和約克區警察,以及關注社區治安組織的關係密切,能夠讓主流社會關注我們華人社區的事情,這是非常重要的。 Ritch提醒華人社區絕不能被分化,必須團結起來對抗種族歧視和仇恨罪案,共同努力讓社區更安全。

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