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Team Ritch held inspiring Fundraising Concert, more than 20 community singers participated and ended on a high note.

Team Ritch celebrated their first fundraising concert with more than 20 community singers, special guest performers and Vaughan City Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco.
劉肇麟競選團隊慶祝首個籌款演唱會完滿舉行,當中包括超過二十位社區歌手,特別表演嘉賓,以及前來支持的旺市市議員楊士渟。 (Photo credit: Sang Chan, 2022)
Markham Ward 2 City Councillor Candidate Ritch Lau held his first fundraising concert in Splendid China Mall on June 18, 2022. More than 20 community singers performed a total of 46 songs, including both English and Chinese classics and pop songs. Ritch’s campaign team estimated they raised almost $6000 on this day. Together with all donations received since Ritch has registered as a candidate on May 2nd, 2022, Ritch has raised almost $15,000. That is a big step towards the goal of a City Councillor’s campaign budget of up to $25000. As a rookie candidate, Ritch said the immense support he is receiving in donation and manpower from the community is definitely higher than expected. With Vaughan City Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco came to show her support for Ritch once again, it showed that Ritch’s efforts and his work in helping the community throughout the years is being recognized, and the community is already showing their anticipation of Ritch becoming their City Councillor.

萬錦市第二區市議員候選人Ritch Lau 劉肇麟在6月18日於錦綉中華商場舉行首場競選籌款演唱會。主辦活動的Ritch團隊表示,原先預計三個小時的演唱會因反應非常熱烈,得到超過20名社區歌手踴躍捐款支持,演唱共46首中英經典名曲,讓最後超時演出,讓觀衆大飽耳福。Ritch團隊表示,初步統計演唱會籌得接近6千元競選經費,加上自5月2日首日報名至今,Ritch在短短一個月多已經籌得接近1萬5千元,距離市議員競選需要的約2萬多元又邁進一大步。首次參選的Ritch坦言,社區人士的捐款和人力上的支持比預期更多,對於社區内出現越來越多期待他成爲萬錦市議員參選的聲音,並得到旺市市議員楊士渟跨市大力支持,Ritch認爲是一種對他過去在社區内的貢獻和成績的肯定。
Vaughan City Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco performed English classcis My Way to show support for Ritch's Campaign.
旺市市議員楊士渟獻唱英語金曲My Way為劉肇麟助選。(Photo credit: Ivan Fung, 2022)
Vaughan City Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco has served her constituents for more than 15 years. The longest serving Asian female politician in the City of Vaughan and York Region. She came to Markham once again, not only showed her support for Ritch, but also described Ritch as a genuine, down to earth candidate. Sandra asked Markham voters to support Ritch, and performed “My Way”. She hoped Ritch success on being a City Councillor, do the right things and make good decisions in the council.

服務旺市超過15年的資深市議員Sandra Yeung Racco楊士渟是旺市及整個約克區在任最長時間的亞裔政客,她再次跨市出席支持並形容Ritch是一名真誠,親民貼地的候選人,呼籲萬錦市選民支持他。楊士渟並在講話之後獻唱一首My Way,寓意Ritch當選萬錦市議員之後能夠堅持自己的信念做對的事情。
Vocal coach and local singer Phil Chan performed "Fly higher", an inspirational song to motivate Team Ritch to acheive their goals. // 有「多倫多汪峰」之稱的星之夢歌唱老師Phil Chan作特別表演嘉賓,唱出汪峰名曲「飛得更高」 (Photo credit: Sang Chan, 2022)
Dream of Stars vocal coach and local singer Phil Chan performed a mandarin inspirational song – “Fly higher”. Ritch promised to do everything he can to achieve his BRIGHT Plan for Markham – Budget, Recreational Space, Increase employment opportunities, Green Community, Harmonized Community, and Traffic & Public Transit, to build a better city and a brighter future for Markham.

有「多倫多汪峰」之稱的星之夢歌唱老師Phil Chan作特別表演嘉賓,唱出汪峰名曲「飛得更高」,帶動全場觀衆讓現場氣氛達到最高點。Ritch承諾會竭盡所能,努力實現他的BRIGHT城市計劃,在社區安全、公共交通、文娛康樂空間、增加就業、市府經費和綠色社區等範疇,帶領萬錦市及第二區一起「飛得更高」。
Ritch with his wife Loretta and his 1 year-old daughter.
劉肇麟與太太和一歲的女兒合影 (Photo credit: Sang Chan, 2022)
Ritch and his wife Loretta and their 1 year-old daughters lives in Markham Ward 2. As a resident himself, he supports a balanced approach on land development. He will work on improving our roads and infrastructure to support the increase of our population and housing demands. Also building community centres, schools, parks, libraries, and stores to support the needs of the residents, making sure our quality of living will not worsen, or to improve it over the next 30, 40 and 50 years.

Special performer Natalis Wong performed English classics "Wonderful World" & "Yesterday" to conclude the event.
壓軸表演嘉賓Natalis Wong 即席彈唱兩首經典英文名曲 "Wonderful World" 和 "Yesterday"為活動畫上完美句號。 (Photo credit: Ivan Fung, 2022)

Phil Chan performing "Fly Higher", motivating Team Ritch and the crowd to achieve their goals.
「多倫多汪峰」Phil Chan以澎湃的歌聲唱出汪峰名曲「飛得更高」,預祝Ritch競選成功,帶領萬錦市及第二區「飛得更高」