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Listening to our seniors’ needs in Ward 2

Today at a community event organized by FengCai Seniors Association, I met with more than 50 senior residents at the Buttonville Public School in Markham Ward 2. The organizer of the event Ms. Hu emphasized the importance for us to help the elderly population to fight off the surge of financial fraud and telephone scam that have been targeting our seniors. As an experienced organizer of our Markham community, I will continue to organize free workshops and sessions to educate our seniors about scams and how to prevent them.

My mother Amy was a dedicated social worker. She worked for youth, disabled and senior non-profit organizations for more than 20 years. She had so much passion on community service that she continued to do volunteer work after she retired. Like my mother, I have been a volunteer since I was a child and I have experience on improving the quality of our senior’s daily lives. I emphasized to my Ward 2 senior residents that, even before running for City Councillor, I have helped hundreds of seniors in Markham Ward 2. During the pandemic, I provided technical support on the computer and helped more than 500 seniors to get their Vaccine QR code. I also distributed hundreds of rapid test kits to our Ward 2 residents. I have already been actively involved in giving back and servicing our seniors even before running for City Councillor. Therefore, I look forward to be able to do even more when elected as the next Ward 2 City Councillor for Markham.


Lastly, as I mentioned many times before. There is certainly a lack of recreational spaces in Ward 2 for seniors to organize social events, especially during winter times, and that will be something I will be relentlessly fighting for in the City Council. #VoteRitch #Ward2OneFam #Markham


– Ritch Lau 劉肇麟,家在第二區

#VoteRitch #Ward2OneFam #Markham